Enditec S.A. (Pty) Ltd

Environmental and non Destructive Testing Technology

We at Enditec S.A. believe that with integrity and honesty with our clients it should make us reach great heights

As a team, we are partners in business with both suppliers and clients growing in succeeding together with passion and drive we

would all share in the fruits of our labour.

Our product is of high standards and our image to maintain this standard for customer satisfaction. We are proud to be able to

inform you that we have supplied and continue to supply to major engineering industries.


Let us serve your needs.

                        Enditec SA was founded in ??? Enditec SA is the leader in environmental and destructive testing technology in South Africa.
  • Denel Aviation: We have recently installed a ???
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  • We are now the Sole distridutor of ???
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  • Enditec SA was waarded with the award for the most e-ray systems sold by ???.
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